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ooo || hmd;

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The Rockbell Automail Shop is located off in a quiet nook of the Square, between apartment building 5 and 6. When there's a Rockbell in town, this place specializes in bio-engineered steel prosthetics called automail. When there aren't Rockbells in town, responsibility for its care falls to the dutiful Elrics. Hence why Edward and Alphonse Elric can often be found loitering around here, researching and whatnot. Because the Elrics aren't makers of fine automail, Edward is using the facility as an alchemy shop until the Rockbells return. The sorts of jobs he takes deal with larger constructions and biochemistry more than engineering, but he'll tackle pretty much anything, barring bringing people back from the dead. Prices are equivalent to the trade, but money isn't the only thing of value either.

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o18 || voice;

[ he sounds kind of hung over. too much sugar yesterday = massive crash today. ]

I think it's safe to say most of us have been on a losing streak lately. The prison's down, people are getting hurt and no one's much closer to figuring out what the deal is behind any of those things.

Nearly all the people I knew from home have gone back now. I've been here for a while ... and all I've been doing is trying to get out. There are a lot of things I've promised to fi— get done ... but I guess it's about time I stop messing around here too.

[ grumbling, a little static, then loudly: ]

The Rockbell Automail Shop is still open for business. I'm an alchemist, not an automail mechanic, but I've learned a lot about robots since I got here. If you need something repaired, bring it by.

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o17 || accidental voice;

[ The sound of scrambling? Yeah, you're hearing it. ]

Ow, ow, OW

[ Clap, blunt person object hitting the ground, electricity, earth moving, and another blunt object hitting something else~ ]

Like there are any monsters that can defeat...

[ pause ]

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o16 || voice;

Is it just me, or is this place getting predictable? The fairies were annoying but... it's not like they got my teeth. I wonder what they did with the ones they managed to steal — maybe they've all been piled up somewhere in the City. Or more likely, the deities have something to do with it, if people're getting compensation and their teeth back.

Though the sense in any of that is pretty limited, as far as I know. The only thing I see happening with the curses lately are people turning into idiots and then getting their teeth or shoes or whatever stolen, or replaced — just how many guys turned into girls this month anyway? Or acted like they did —

[ dissolves into incoherent grumbling here ]

Is this all you've got, City?!

[ long pause ]

...No, really, is it? Because  

I laugh in your generally inanimate, islandscaped face!

[ huhuhu! ]
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o15 ||

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I've been busy for the most part but with all the people coming and going recently... it's gotten me thinking about the nature of this place. How people forget when they go and remember when they come back. It might be seasonal: curses run for twenty-four hours, weeks are made up of seven days, months go by calendars we recognize, so it can't be so different from a lot of our worlds in that respect. It could be that we're running on a different mechanism entirely, in which case...

...does anyone know anything about the clock underground?

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o11 || video;

[ At the break of dawn, Edward mysteriously stands at the edge of the gardens, taller than usual... almost statuesque. He takes a deep breath, shuts his eyes, and swooshes his very, very long braid over his shoulder.

There is wind.

Sometime around noon, he eventually claps his hands and touches the ground. From the bountiful earth arises a noble steed, intelligent and mobile as any mound of dirt could be. Edward leaps onto it, then claps again. This time he touches the horse's mane, from which pours the succulent scent of a billion blooming roses.

Once Edward is done basking in his own overpowering majesty, he claps a final time and touches the steed's snout. From out forth the magnificent creature's mouth sounds deafeningly the most devastating serenade in all of time and space. ]

Let us be off, Transmutador!

[ As the noble steed begins to alchemically rage towards the inner city, Edward begins to monologue at the network device. Perchance those who can lip-read can understand what he's saying... ]
O, maiden, verily shall I find thee~~
By trailing after the soft, simmering thread of thy lovely presence~~
So by mine oath upon the noble House of Elric~~
I quest to prove thee my love~~
And the very depths to which I doth proclaim I'd go~~
To be honored with thy wrenching company~~

[ Edward ends the transmission... beautifully. ]

[[ooc; ...because you know you want it. I have no idea how to explain how but there's canon evidence that Ed can somehow use alchemy to animate inanimate objects for dramatic/comic relief. Prince Edward courtesy of Mei Chan's broken dreams.]]